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About Rescom Rads

Safe Heat

Constructed of tough extruded aluminum and covered with high impact baked appliance enamel for added good looks and durability.

Energy Efficient

Temperatures at the floor and ceilings are virtually the same allowing for more comfort at a lower thermostat setting. Room by room control allows for even greater savings by reducing heat in areas used less frequently.

Consistent Temperature

Temperatures are maintained throughout the room as gentle radiant warmth is provided from the panels.


Healthy Solutions

Energy Efficient

The RESCOM 2100™ radiator is the only product manufactured in Canada that simulates a baseboard. Only 7-1/8" high and 1-1/16" deep, the heater sits flush against the wall, allowing you to place your furniture where you like in the room. RESCOM 2100™ radiators are available in custom colours at an additional charge.

This is healthy heat, as radiant heat does not create air currents for dust and dust mites to travel on. This is a major benefit to allergy suffereres. The Radiant Panel system is an excellent alternative to conventional radiators and baseboard units.

Savings of up to 75% can be achieved by converting from traditional heating systems. The system can be run using any type of hot water source.